Ron Paul blimp“Ron Paul campaign donor sets new record” – LA Times

“Ron Paul supporters make history with $6m online haul” – Wired News

“Money bomb – $6m in 24 hours” – USA Today

Ron Paul is the most exciting libertarian alive today. His presidential campaign is attracting a lot of attention despite his status as the underdog in the race for the White House, due in no small part to his mighty band of supporters, particularly on the internet.

It’s all a little bizarre, actually. On the internet, Paul is insanely popular. On a Facebook poll, he’s the top of the Republican pile with 33.63% of supporters on the popular social networking site. Yet on a traditional ABC News poll he ranks 6th among Republicans with only 3% support. Perhaps this is an indication of a demographic gap more than anything; Paul is more popular with early adapters, progressive people, more unconventional or untraditional Republicans and, of course, active libertarians. It’s the traditionalists he still has to convince. And he’s being equipped on a daily basis with the funds needed to accomplish that goal.

To really reach people with any kind of message in America, you must have a ton of cash. You’ve got to get on their TVs, their radios, their newspapers. You’ve got to put it on the ground and in the sky. It costs a lot of money. And that’s what Ron Paul is getting – a lot of money – as well as a lot of active support. “His legions of alert supporters scour the Internet for slights to right, frequently crudely, and any opportunities to promote their strict constructionist candidate,” reports the LA Times today.

And yesterday was the biggest single day of national campaign fundraising ever for any candidate:

“Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, raised an astounding $6 million and change Sunday, his campaign said, almost certainly guaranteeing he’ll outraise his rivals for the Republican nomination in the fourth quarter and likely will be able to fund a presence in many of the states that vote Feb. 5.”

Ron Paul is a long shot for President. But this is an incredibly exciting campaign, with more potential than any other remotely libertarian idea in a long, long time. Spread the word, with your friends and family this Christmas – it’s a message of freedom, peace and prosperity – who can resist Ron Paul for President?

Hear one of his current ads here.