‘Someone’s Gotta Go’ is the name of an upcoming Fox reality show in which, each week, real small businesses who are struggling in this economy agree to let their employees compete to keep their jobs for TV ratings, and – every week – someone will be laid off from their real job on television.

Fox has lined up actual companies — smaller, Dunder Mifflin-esque-sized (15-20 employees) ones — having financial difficulties. In each case, the company’s boss or owner will call all the employees together and tell them someone’s going to get laid off. But rather than the boss/owner making the decision, he or she will instead give the employees all the available information about one another — salaries, job evaluations, etc. — and let the employees decide who will get pink-slipped.

This isn’t the brainchild of the Fox network. It’s the creation of Endemol, the production company responsible for the globally successful Big Brother format. A spokesperson for Endemol says this “will be an interesting experiment.” No doubt.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with four other new TV shows which will be wildly popular:

1) ‘Someone’s Got HIV!’: Which of the contestants is it? Each week, another contestant hears the results of their AIDS test after participating in weekly challenge, until the big finale when the remaining two contestants go head-to-head and only the one with AIDS is left. For extra points, contestants can gamble on which of their peers have HIV by agreeing to sleep with one of them. Wildcard: who has genital warts? What entertainment!

2) ‘Serial Killer Truckers’: This reality show follows around long-haul truckers who pass the time by raping and killing on America’s highways! The drama! The excitement! How do they choose their next victims? Our cameras are there!

3) ‘Panties or No Panties’: Which of the 24 beautiful models has no panties on? Find out as players gamble and each model shows us the answer to the question, ‘Panties or No Panties?’

4) ‘Fear Factor: The Cannibalism Edition!’