In response to the evangelical Christian suggestion that people choose to reject God’s offer of love and thus have made a choice to go to hell:

This belief is held as though the Christian God has made the truth of his existence and his character easily and readily available, extending an obvious hand to everyone, and that people – in the full knowledge of God and who he is – are choosing to reject it. That is evangelical poppycock.

The reality is that people are rejecting not the revealed but the unrevealed, not objective knowledge discerned by reasoning but subjective beliefs of faith, which there are some very valid reasons to doubt. They are not rejecting what they believe to be the truth of God, they are rejecting – quite soundly – the very hypothesis that there is a God (or a God with these attributes).

I believe in a God myself, but not one who hides himself as to make his very existence ambiguous and then sees to it that those who fail to deny their God-given powers of reasoning in order to claim certainty in something that is uncertain are tortured for all eternity for doing so. It is difficult to think of a more cruel proposition.

Despite the claims ascribed to it by the faithful, the proposition delivers neither love nor justice.