This is my reply to Brian McClinton of Humanism Northern Ireland, here:

The assertion: Most of the world endures American cultural imperialism.

The truth: Most of the world chooses the products of American culture.

Nobody forces anybody to wear T-shirts which iconize American culture, or to watch Hollywood films, or to eat burgers and fries. They choose to do so! It would appear, Brian, that they enjoy it. You may think they’re unenlightened, or you may otherwise pretentiously lament their choices, but one thing’s certain: it sure as hell isn’t America’s fault that people in other nations find their culture very agreeable.

By the way, there’s one very well understood reason that people from other nations seem to enjoy American culture. America was born of people from other nations, and today it is the product of the freedom they enjoyed when they came here. So, it should come as no surprise that other nations would enjoy the results of what they did with it.