Conservatives wish, by definition, to conserve the status quo, right? So, even when the status quo makes no sense, such as America’s prohibition of marijuana, they’ll seek to conserve it. Tomorrow, marijuana is a factor in voting in the two US states where I spend the most time; Arizona and California. (As a non-citizen, I can vote in neither.)

In the case of Arizona, there is a medical marijuana proposition on the ballot, which would legalize pot for people whose doctors prescribe it for medicinal purposes. In my opinion, there is a great deal of medical usefulness for marijuana, but that’s not the main reason to legalize it. The medical marijuana thing is just a stop on the road to proper legalization. Hey, it’s a start.

In California, a proper legalization is on the ballot tomorrow. It would make it legal under a certain amount. (California already has de facto legalization courtesy of the medical pot thing.)

Here’s the thing. Each and every single argument against the legalization of marijuana is bogus. Hell, one can’t even be consistent unless one is also in favor of outlawing alcohol, and bringing back prohibition. The reason for this is simple: every one of the arguments against marijuana could be leveled at alcohol or tobacco or both. (There are some sub-arguments that argue the difficulty of enforcing laws against driving under the influence and other such things; these are things you work on after you make the right and consistent decision to legalize it.)

The very idea that the government could lock you up for growing a plant is absurd. Time to end this nonsense. I hope both propositions pass.