Thank God someone seems to understand why Wanda Sykes was so devastatingly unfunny at the White House Correspondents Dinner, the annual “roast” of the sitting president at which Sykes this year took the opportunity to rail against the previous administration. Hitchens says it all so wonderfully:

Sykes’ time was spent vocalizing the talking points of and Air America.

Absolutely true. They were one-dimensional, boring and predictable.

President Bush used to tell jokes about his weaknesses, the most salient of these being his tragic struggle with grammar, itself quite possibly rooted in dyslexia. Many of President Obama’s jokes, his speechwriters should take note, were at the expense of his strengths—”I might lose my cool”—and were thus bordering on the narcissistic.

This is a terrific observation. Not only can none of the invited guests effectively roast the President, the President can’t even bring himself to fairly roast himself! Because this is a man who does (and can do) nothing wrong; he’s the Messiah. You don’t mock the Messiah, and the Messiah mocks himself in the manner that Titanic is pornographic: gently.

Any tendency to narcissism doubles the need for a follow-up speaker who can make the president wince, not smirk. This we did not get. And Limbaugh’s dependence, like Bush’s dyslexia, is actually a disability.

Ah, come on now, Hitchens. Surely you know that liberals do not mock people because of their disabilities?

Can you easily picture any jokes from the Sable Sapphist that would in any other way breach the protocols of the Americans With Disabilities Act? Any other person of whom she would dare say, “I hope his kidneys fail”?

Well that’s the Sykes liberals’ liberalism debunked.

When comedians flatter the president, they become court jesters, and the country becomes a banana republic. There are probably even people who would wish to misconstrue that last phrase of mine if they felt “sensitive” enough. In which case they can take a number, get on line, and ask to suck my thumb.

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