2727 BC • China begins using marijuana as medicine

500 AD • Cannabis reaches Europe by way of India and Africa

1492 • Christopher Columbus brings cannabis sativa to the new world

1619 • Jamestown colony law: all settlers required to grow cannabis

1797 • George Washington’s primary crop at Mount Vernon is cannabis

1876 • The Sultan of Turkey gives the U.S. marijuana as a gift

1880 • Smoking parlors open up all over the Northeast

1891 • Queen Victoria is prescribed marijuana by her doctor to relieve menstrual cramps

1908 • Henry Ford’s first Model T is made with hemp plastic and runs on hemp ethanol

1937 • Federal law bans marijuana, five years after the U.S. abandons its ban on alcohol

1942 • The U.S. military uses marijuana as truth serum

1965 • 1 million Americans had tried marijuana

1972 • 24 million

1980 • The government begins its war on drugs

1980’s • Every 38 seconds someone is arrested for violating cannabis law

1996 • Prop 215 passes in California making medical marijuana legal

NOW • Marijuana is America’s #1 cash crop at $36 billion a year