In a world where earthquakes rumble and volcanoes erupt, where humans seek to explain ‘Bad’ in meaningful ways, for whom logic still competes with emotion, it isn’t surprising that dots are sometimes connected using God as an explanation.

Will Crawley wonders if it’s only a matter of time before people of a certain mindset connect the Iceland volcano eruption with some punishment of God upon the European people still grounded by restrictions on air travel, as Pat Robertson did the earthquake in Haiti and as others have done every other normal functioning of the earth on which we live.

After all, there is some precedent of God doing so using a volcano.

It’s worth noting, is it not, the eruption in AD79 of Mount Vesuvius, by which God displayed his terrible wrath at the people of Pompeii, with their phallic objects, landmark brothels and erotic art, and promptly buried them all underneath a mountain-load of ash one August afternoon.

If that isn’t direct proof that God hates sex, I don’t know what is.