I strongly disagree with you about Assange please warn your audience when you are going to talk about him because when i hear you praise him I get Pissed off at you and change the station (twice this week) I wonder if you would feel the same if some of his information was false and was about you or your family. Maybe you are indifferent about this asshole because you are from another country.I can’t wait for your show everyday but at times you really stimulate my feelings which I guess is a good thing.

Keep up the great program (most of the time)

Faithful Listener
Gene xxxxxx

Hi Gene,

Thanks for listening… most of the time! You’re right, there are always gonna be times we disagree.

I feel it’s useful when people like Assange challenge the power of government. Why do we need so many of these secrets anyway? When an individual says one thing to a person’s face and another behind their back, we call him a sleazebag. Can the same critique be made of our government? (Course, as I’ve said, that doesn’t mean I support him wholly. My praise for him is partly about making people think. I do think true patriotism requires challenging government power.)

Did you know Assange asked for State Dept. cooperation in redacting names from the documents, pre-release? I think that’s a huge gesture, but the State Dept. wouldn’t cooperate.

Anyway, I appreciate your email and do take your feelings into account. Thanks again for listening.