Here are some good resources for those who want to read more about the growing sector of Christianity that supports and welcomes the gay community.

(1) A letter by the influential UK evangelical leader Roy Clements to a young man called Michael, who wrote him concerned with his endorsement of the ‘gay lifestyle’. READ HERE.

(2) A beautiful sermon by the Rev. Eugene Nelson of The Community Church of Sebastopol, CA, near Santa Rosa. READ HERE.

(3) A speech by the former Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta Bennett Sims, showing that the Apostle Paul did not condemn homosexuals in Romans 1, but rather heterosexuals engaging in homosexual behavior. READ HERE.

(4) Another overview of the Romans 1 passages, this time in greater detail, showing the same thing. READ HERE.

(5) ‘The Bible Tells Me So’, documentary film. TRAILER HERE.

(6) A series of articles by Bishop Gene Robinson, America’s first openly gay bishop, dealing with the biblical texts, attitudes of the church. Read them:

• Reading the ‘texts of terror’
• Leviticus
• Sodom and Gomorrah
• What did Jesus say?
• I Corinthians and I Timothy