Happy New Year!

I first heard about Avatar 2 years ago. No movie could live up to a two-year hype, surely? In fact, this film in many ways surpasses my initial expectations. The trailers do not do justice to the results of this new paradigm in movie-making technology. This is the biggest step forward in modern film techniques since Star Wars. It is absorbing, spectacular, epic. It demands to be seen in 3D as Cameron intended.

Is it perfect? No. The story is a little predictable, the original premise is just a little ridiculous (involving a mineral called ‘unobtainium’, no less) and the characters just cry out for more revelation and exploration.

But this movie is groundbreaking. It sets the bar incredibly high. It is redefining, like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Terminator II or The Matrix. It will inspire moviemakers to attempt something as worthy… which will be tough. It is definitely among the ‘best’ films I’ve ever seen; a rich experience like no other before it.