ObamaSo, all of a sudden Obama is in favor of offshore oil drilling and of dumping some of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve onto the market: both ideas espoused by Newt Gingrich in his ‘American Solutions’ and by John McCain, who’s been saying it for much longer! Genius that he is, Barack Obama has just worked out that the high prices of energy are largely responsible for the shitty economy, and that the policies of the government are largely responsible for standing in the way of the people to lower them.

“As recently as a month ago, Obama spoke out against tapping into the petroleum reserve.”

Remind you of his flip-flops on any other issues? (Like the constitutionality of banning guns, for example.) The man couldn’t put together a coherent principle by which to govern a country: he doesn’t have it within him because he doesn’t believe in any such principles. This doesn’t let McCain off the hook in that regard, either; both are men motivated by pragmatic, utilitarian concerns about whatever issue happens to be hot in Washington in response to whichever voices are shouting the loudest.

Anyway, it appears we may now have a chance of persuading the incompetent, lazy Congress to follow suit and finally rescue the economy of the American people from their own butterfingers.