“WITHOUT A BIT OF NANNYING, WE’LL NEVER EAT PROPERLY.” Who, you may quickly ask, subscribes to this statement? This tripe, this exercise in illogic, this utter trollocks embodied in literal form by human flotsam and jetsam extrordinaire, Anthony Worral Thompson, appeared in today’s Independent newspaper, the same rag whose contributor Robert Fisk was famously beaten up by Angry Afghans yet agreed and empathised with their reasons for doing so.

“WITHOUT A BIT OF NANNYING, WE’LL NEVER EAT PROPERLY.” What a gutless, gormless, strikingly ill-reasoned bit of complete and utter garbage. Brought to you by the people who want to make retirement compulsory at a certain age, who want to force you to pay for a network of television and radio channels whether you want them or not (for the common good, you understand), who want to introduce measures that will ensure equal allotments of the wealth of the nation to everyone regardless of what they DO……

“WITHOUT A BIT OF NANNYING, WE’LL NEVER EAT PROPERLY.” This guy is certifiable. In his article, Thompson cites the “scandalous amount of advertising of junk food”, and that “the quality of our food simply isn’t the issue it ought to be”, and how the government should have “the nerve to tax processed foods”, and how “ignorant” the notion is that people should have “freedom to eat what they want”…. I will stop here simply because I may end up throwing my computer in anger if I quote any more.

What this prat, this bumbling buffoon, this eerily arrogant nitwit of a man, fails to comprehend, is that it is not his, nor the government’s, nor anyone else’s DUTY to oversee or otherwise influence the quality, quantity or nutritional density of the food that I eat – how DARE he suggest that it is the role of the STATE to QUALIFY the food that I eat? How dare he or his cronies propose that I am not capable of making my own rational decisions regarding what I digest, and that GOVERNMENT knows best? All of this sounds very Orwellian to me, and I find it stunning to learn that the government of the United Kingdom does not laugh such commentary out of court on the grounds that it is a gross violation of civil liberty, that it actually entertains such thinking itself as it seeks to extend its sphere of control again and again!

“Without a bit of nannying, we’ll never eat properly”. Speak for yourself, you childish, FRAGMENT of a rational human being. If you can’t even EAT properly without surrendering the most basic rights to make your own choices, you should probably be in some sort of institution where such a wish would be granted on a daily basis and your life would become very easy.

John Wright