Charles Darwin“Children believe in Santa Claus. Creationists believe in creationism. But children grow up and discard Santa. So why not creationists?”

That’s the question by Steve Tomkins of the Christian ezine Ship of Fools, a question sure to outrage creationists of both young and old earth varieties. But, as you’ll guess from reading this blog, I think old Steve has a point.

“…Believers are faced with a choice. Accept this new information and adapt your ideas to accommodate it, perhaps painfully. Or find a way to deny the information and hold on to the comfort of elective ignorance.

“The issue here is not so much that creationism is bad science – though it clearly is and that is a serious issue. The issue here is that it is bad Christianity: blinkered, arrogant, literalistic, paranoid, pusillanimous, delusional, anti-truth, world-denying, and cringingly embarrassing Dawkins bait. (This is hardly the place to dredge through the overwhelming scientific case against creationism. It can be done perfectly well in one word anyway: fossils.)”

Heh. See the rest of the article here.