Reason Online refers to the case of a seven-year-old school kid whose permanent record at school now includes “Sexual touching against student, offensive.” The boy slapped a girl’s bottom in class one day, prompting the teacher to call the police. Neither the boy’s mother nor the girl’s mother believe the school was right to take such a draconian approach to the issue. As the girl’s mother said, “I’m upset with the school.” Assholes.

Sean Collins wrote an excellent piece on the great American sport of baseball, a topic of particular interest to me as my son Tyler will be ready in the next year to join Little League. He goes on to discuss the issue of steroid use in the game, a topic which Stephen addressed recently in the context of the Olympics.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph reports on a 22-year-old girl who called an ambulance at 4am after falling out of her bed and getting her belly button ring caught in her nostril. “She told operators she had fallen out of bed and her belly button piercing had jammed up her nose in the fall.” How does one respond to a story like that? I only wish it had pictures.