ConfusedAside from the Pullman interview, I’ve been interested in the following stories today.

2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama is either neurotic on the issue of gun control and the 2nd Amendment or he’s a pathological liar who’s trying to conceal his utter contempt for the concept of individual gun rights under the Constitution as we know them.

Daniel Finkelstein counters those on the Left who like to imagine that Fidel Castro is some kind of hero. Fortunately, by praising him so, they’re showing themselves to be the fuckwits they are.

Michelle Malkin writes a neat essay on abortion including links to some great organisations, though I wish it didn’t come quite so close to telling people they can’t be trusted to make their own decisions of this nature and then deal with the consequences.

The sexiest, most advanced personal computers in history just got even better.

And the picture accompanying this article describes perfectly Alice Miles’ article in today’s Times.

Enjoy the rest of your day!