Ron PaulThis week really puts the “United” in “United States”. A day after one of the most remarkable Superbowl games ever, during which I took a short drive on near-empty streets as everyone was watching the game, we’re now only one day from Super Tuesday, in which Republicans and Democrats in 24 states will be voting for their candidates for the presidency. I’ve been busy soaking up the pre-election fever and trying to determine where things stand. I can’t vote, since I’m not a U.S. citizen (I’m a U.S. permanent resident) but the outcome of this election will affect my life as much as it does yours, so I have a brief message for you before we get to the pundits today.

If you are a Republican in one of the 24 states voting on Super Tuesday and you value your life, your rights and your freedom, you have nothing to lose by voting for Ron Paul tomorrow. Some Republicans don’t like that he opposes the war in Iraq. But let me put it to you the way I did on the radio this morning: Iraq will cease to be the issue it was while Bush was in office, and when that debate is over, you’ll want a president willing to look after your rights. The next eight years are all about the role of government in your life, and the choice has never been more diverse than this. What’s the worst that can happen? If Ron Paul doesn’t make it as the Republican nominee, then you can vote for whoever does make it in the general election this November.

In the meantime, vote Ron Paul tomorrow: join the revolution. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Now. The pundits today:

Steve Chapman writes that Barack Obama would decriminalise marijuana. So I support at least one of his policies. Whoopee.

Noam Cohen asks if Barack Obama is a Mac and Hillary Clinton a PC. As an avid Mac user for over 16 years, that may explain why I feel despair when I look at Clinton.

Leo Hickman admits in today’s Guardian that, although he fits the target demographic of BBC Radio Four, he can’t stand to listen to it. This confirms my theory of radio: what I’m doing is right and what the schlubs at Radio Four are doing is putting its listeners to sleep.

Cath Elliot’s opinion piece today slugs with the subtitle, “If Ryanair can’t tell when an image of a woman is sexist perhaps it’s time to issue the advertising industry with some stricter guidelines”. Perhaps it’s time to issue Cath Elliot with a cod, freshly caught from the sea, sent to her packed in ice with a note saying, “Here’s a cod just for you.”

Tina Dupuy continues the healthcare debate in today’s LA Times by arguing that the presidential candidates should go without health insurance so that they know what it’s like. Hmmm. I smell the familiar stench of rotten logic.