TwitterWell as you can see below, I’ve started using Twitter. “About time,” some people have said. What can I say? Now you’ll always know what I’m up to, thinking about or doing on the radio by looking at my ‘tweets’ on the lefthand sidebar here at John-Wright.Net (it also updates my Facebook status, my employer’s website and the feed here). At the end of each day, a summary of my day’s ‘tweets’ is posted automatically, so I guess I’d best be creative.

As well as producing the daily radio show and contributing to another, I’ve been working up a critique of Stephen Fry’s speech on the BBC, which was fantastic and yet severely flawed. Look for that later tonight, tomorrow or, most pathetic-case scenario, Thursday. Please continue to send me stuff you think is worthwhile. Oh, and, if you know anyone who wants to buy a 2005 Ford Explorer (tow package, rear air, third-row seating up to 7, four-wheel drive, bells and whistles, etc.) …let me know. 🙂