Alan Miller thinks that fake mugshots showing members of the Bush administration are not worthy of controversy and merely represent a “cynical conformism.”

Leander Kahney reports that Steve Jobs wore a suit and tie to the Nobel Prize ceremony. He hasn’t been photographed wearing a suit for a decade, which appeals to me, a guy who doesn’t even own a suit.

Bidisha imagines Jodie Foster as Sarah Conner in the next Terminator movie, saying it’s a cliché, but a flattering one, that gay women are seen as tough, independent and determined.

Michael Cook is incredulous about the fact that the Australian government is proposing a carbon tax on newborn infants. Every infant represents a potent source of greenhouse gas emissions, you see. Fucknuts.

And Chuck Squatriglia reports that the flying car, long a dream of inventors and movie directors, may finally be moving toward production. Ever since I saw Back to the Future Part II, I’ve been ready for this announcement. With traffic congestion getting worse, might the flying car be the solution?