Around the web today:

Lev Grossman lends Time Magazine’s coveted honour to the Apple iPhone as it’s branded the “Invention of the Year”. I agree: the iPhone is a smouldering jewel of capitalism, a white-hot fusion of technology, ease of use and style, in your pocket.

William Crawley reports on proposed zero-tolerance laws with regard to drunk-driving in Britain, and says there’s room for a deduction of the legal limit without going to zero-tolerance. I agree: the purpose of the law is to protect people from drunk drivers. Since there’s a difference between drinking and drunk, the law has no right to interfere beyond that necessary protection.

Ally Fogg agrees with me that the IPPR report I railed against here is unhelpful at best, from his left-wing perspective, saying it’s depressing that “…a supposedly liberal thinktank has shunted us right back to square one.”

Andrew Tyler suggests that veganism is the new vegetarianism. That may be, and it’s an article you’ll see me respond to shortly. Watch this space.