It isn’t often that an op-ed gives me chills.

This fantastic article by Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch follows hot on the heels of Veronique de Rugy’s piece asserting that, in fact, we’re all freer today than we were 40 years ago, and observes even more fully that we are in fact not only better off today but we may also be on the cusp of a new age of freedom: a ‘Libertarian Moment.’

It confirms a few of my own themes: the internet and technology as the greatest custodian of liberty, the government as out-of-step with the freedoms people have come to expect, the fact that our expectations of those freedoms sometimes make us unable to see how great it is to be living when we are.

Liberty-lovers, please read this exceptional piece ahead of Thanksgiving, so that the holiday takes on a particularly earnest meaning in 2008.