1) Seems that the United States federal government are “stiffing” us again with spending of over $2,000,000,000.00 on viagra for the elderly and disabled. VIAGRA. Now that’s a ‘hard’ pill to swallow.

2) On energy policy – Monbiot had a piece (“Junk Science”) in the Guardian last week testifying to how right he was and how wrong David Bellamy was on the melting of the polar icecaps. In this case, he appears to be right – according to most scientists, the icecaps appear to be receding at the current time. To most readers, his article is convincing of his position. What his position has still not demonstrated, however, is:

a) that the current warming trend is incontrovertibly permanent
b) that the current warming trend is incontrovertibly the result of human activity
c) that observational science has shown that this is unusual or unprecedented
d) that, if human activity IS proved to be the cause of permanent global climate change, we should be forced by government under threat of jail to do something about it, against all that our experience of the free market has taught us about the human capacity to voluntarily adapt to whatever challenges are thrown our way.

3) “Liberalism has become SUCH a cliché.” I agree. On their anti-war rhetoric, on climate change, on junk food, etc. They all read from the same hymnsheet. And can someone please explain to me what is ‘liberal’ about this? What is liberal, for example, about having purely ‘liberal’ professors in our academies, with virtually no dissenting voices? Surely TRULY ‘liberal’ thought should spawn hundreds of conflicting opinions on almost every issue?

John Wright