HestonCharlton Heston died on Saturday. The man who played Moses in The Ten Commandments was known for playing such heroic roles. In the 1950s and 60s he was “one of a handful of Hollywood actors to speak out openly against racism” and later a vocal advocate of conservative politics.

It’s a deplorable fact that the image many people will remember of Heston is not his acting in heroic roles or his service during WWII or his opposition to racism, but instead his depiction by the manipulative fuckwit filmmaker Michael Moore in Bowling For Columbine, in which Heston was harassed in old age and in his own home by Moore for daring to suggest that guns were not the causes of murder but merely sometimes the means. This week, Michael Moore dares to display an image in memory of Heston on his website, no doubt in response to some of the backlash he received for the humiliating way he characterised him in his film. Shame on you, jackass.