RSSHappy Tuesday, punters. Since upgrading our software we’ve been having a few problems with the RSS feed on the site; I know many of you subscribe to the articles using RSS and we apologise for the issues. So far, there are no timescales for a fix, but I’ll post again when it’s back to its usual self.

I’ve been reading Jonah Goldberg’s article today in which he says Barack Obama is “…finally coming into focus” and proceeds to call Barack and his wife Michelle “…self-hating yuppies straight out of the 1980s, which was to the Obamas what the 1960s were to the Clintons.” After Obama’s comments about small-town America the other day, Goldberg might have a point.

And I see Moonbeam George Monbiot got himself into a little trouble with vegans recently, calling them grey-faced in comparison to meat-eaters. Vegan Justine Butler takes him up on that point today, saying, “It’s a shame that George let his own limited experience obscure common sense and reason…” – what, Moonbeam? Never!

Oh, how I love it when they fight.