Ron PaulI’m getting more and more excited about libertarian candidate for the Republican nomination for President Ron Paul. I’ve always liked Paul. He’s a steadfast devotee to the principles of liberty, and yet running as a Republican, not a candidate of the Libertarian Party.

All the signs are good: he’s bringing in millions of campaign dollars (which means the right kind of people are supporting him) and his reception has been great at campaign stops. Not only that, but he’s a genuinely likable guy with an understated manner and a penchant for making sense (as libertarians do). Reason magazine’s David Weigel has written an article on what sets Ron Paul apart from other conservatives:

“When Republicans are cheap and dishonest about economics, worried voters indulge their fantasies about who’s to blame for their angst. That’s the context in which Wall Street and bank-bashing starts a room to cheering. That’s another reason why Ron Paul has stopped being a punching bag and started looking like a mirror held up to a party in deep, deep trouble.” 

Although he still seems like a long shot, Ron Paul may just be the man to bring libertarian ideas to a mass audience in America. With that in mind, he may be the most important libertarian alive today. As such, he deserves his own category on this blog.