So, Mitt Romney is out. This is interesting, considering that many considered only him and John McCain to be the “serious” contenders for the nomination. Left in the race: John McCain (the inevitable?), Mike Huckabee (blah) and Ron Paul.

So why didn’t Ron Paul do better on Super Tuesday? James Ostrowski attempts to answer that question on Lew Rockwell today here. One potent factor against Paul is that the media seems to have made a conscious decision to neglect him in fair coverage, despite the high energy and interest in the campaign. (That’s a fucking disgrace, and the conspiracist in me wants to blame a left-liberal bias in the media for preferring McCain.)

And as for Paul himself? It seems that he’s pressing on. This I’m delighted about, since it would be perhaps easier for him to give up now. In the video below Paul admits that there are two thoughts occurring simultaneously at this point, one which says that the level of support for him is unprecedented and therefore anything can happen, and the other, more ‘realist’, thought which wants to admit that there isn’t much chance of surpassing McCain for the nomination. He acknowledges the validity of both those lines of thought, and concludes that as long as the support remains, the money keeps coming in, the endorsements continue to arrive, and enthusiasm stays high, he’ll run.

For my money, I say “Ron Paul for President.” The alternative is too grim to assume.