Ron PaulDavid Weigel reports from the ground on the massive Philadelphia rally for Ron Paul on Saturday:

“Here was the best example—better even than the churning, cheering rally of at least 4000 people— [US News says 5000] of how the Paul movement has grown. No one crashes Dennis Kucinich or Duncan Hunter events handing out ‘fact sheets.'”

“Things change. Most of the people I talked to on Saturday were from Pennsylvania …. More than a few were Constitution Party activists …. Just as many were big “L” Libertarians, some of them activists with a few decades of election disappointments etched on their faces between their prescription specs and their trimmed beards. Members of Delaware County for Liberty, the Libertarian group in the (ever-less) conservative area south of Philly, handed out flyers for a post-rally fundraiser at a rollicking bar in Old City. The charge was $20 a head; nearly 200 Paul fans showed up. The Paul campaign is pulling in every element of the outcast Right: Libertarians, Constitution Party members, Reform Party stalwarts, Buchanites, paleoconservatives, Birchers. That in itself isn’t news, but the trend is accelerating and it’s startling to see so many of these activists in one place.” [Emphasis mine.]

This truly is a movement; an exciting time to be a libertarian in America.

Ron Paul for President!