What a bunch of whiners!

Starbucks printing a Christian quote on this month’s coffee cup in its cafés seemed to really irritate some people featured on your program last week. It “bothered” them because, according to one, the quote is part of the “discourse of the religious Right.” It seems to me that a prior Starbucks’ coffee cup quote on homosexuality could just as easily be construed as part of the discourse of the political Left; but only if you’re so intellectually fragile as to actually be challenged by what is written on a coffee cup.

The idea behind the theme is that coffee greases the wheels of conversation. The quotes on Starbucks coffee cups form a representative part of human conversation, including the quote from Warren’s immensely popular Purpose-Driven Life. And the idea that their wanting to actually make a profit selling coffee presents some kind of dramatic ethical problem is almost worthy of choking on a Frappiccino in amusement.

If you really feel that the Rick Warren quote is “hectoring” you about the state of your humanity as you drink your morning coffee, you should probably start buying your coffee somewhere else.

And don’t bother coming back to MY Starbucks, where we prefer to embrace the idea of open conversation as we drink our Double-Double Grandé Soy Decaf Mocha-Choco-Lattés.


John Wright