I found the discussion in last week’s edition of ‘Sunday Sequence’ on climate change and “The Day After Tomorrow” shockingly unrepresentative of the spectrum of opinion on this complicated issue. While I can understand the limitations of an invited panel in this regard, I felt that listeners were presented with a choice: between a fundamentalist christian view with climate change viewed as the beginning of the Second Coming, and a fundamentalist leftwing opinion which says that those who drive SUVs are irresponsible and are killing the earth as we know it.

My viewpoint, for one, was totally unrepresented. I start by conceding that I know little about science (in contrast to most of your panel who tow their brains behind trendy liberal thinkers and conclude that they not only know all they need to know about science to make a diagnosis, but have contemplated civil liberties enough to prescribe the political cure too). What I DO know is that not all scientists agree, including the many scientists that signed the Leipzig Declaration saying that actual observations from earth satellites show no climate warming whatsoever. Or the scientists which contributed to a recent Channel 4 documentary which demonstrated how oceans emit 90 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year, decaying plants 90 billion tons, and human activity 6 billion tons in comparison (only a small percentage of which could actually be reduced by Kyoto etc.). However. I would go on to establish that any science which would necessitate a response coercing the free market from doing what it has always done (find the problem and voluntarily provide the solution – which in this case it is already beginning to do) would need to be not only a theoretical rehash of an old idea, but proved absolutely beyond any reasonable doubt.

While one side of your panel blames the other for defeatism, I blame them BOTH for an arrogance that would so quickly credit us measly human beings with being able to disrupt the natural cycles of mighty Planet Earth by driving an SUV.

Yours sincerely,

John Wright