This is the greatest video ever. Ever. Sarah Palin shows up to a turkey farm in order to honor the longstanding Thanksgiving tradition of pardoning a single turkey as Governor of Alaska and stops to talk to reporters while a turkey is fed into a grinder chute behind her. This, friends, is pure entertainment.

My Top Ten Best Palin Turkey Headlines:

10 “Palin pardon amid turkey butchery”

9 “Palin pardons turkey; 1 behind her not so lucky”

8 “Sarah Palin pardons a turkey, misses the slaughter”

7 “Sarah Palin Turkey Murder Interview”

6 “Sarah Palin interview: complete with turkey beheadings”

5 “A Sarah Palin Thanksgiving”

4 “A Turkey By Any Other Name–Is Still the Governor of Alaska”

3 “Turkey Executed During Palin Press Conference”

2 “Well this is awkward.”

1 “Sarah Palin Turkey Milkshake Recipe Revealed”