Finally someone is coming out with a strong, funny, entertaining rebuttal of Michael Moore, and it isn’t even a documentary. It’s a spoof comedy, a motion picture parodying Moore. I love the idea. Here’s the synopsis:

Charismatic left-wing activist and filmmaker Michael Malone (Kevin Farley) is campaigning to end the celebration of the Fourth of July holiday. Malone truculently argues to the American people that America’s past and present is offensive, and therefore should not be celebrated. Malone is then visited by three ghosts akin to A Christmas Carol who try to make him rethink himself and America.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Who in Hollywood would dare to step out and parody the Icon of Contemporary Hollywood Illiberalism? It’s tempting to think of the Hollywood entertainment industry as a bastion of left-wing idiocy as exemplified in Moore – certainly to enjoy its filmmaking is not to endorse its political partiality – but there are of course many in the biz who think for themselves and dissent from the penchant and predisposition of persistent, pervasive, predilection for pinko pugnacity. People like Kelsey Grammar, Jon Voight, Dennis Hopper, James Woods, Trace Adkins, David Zucker. I’m sure most of these guys are conservatives, not libertarians (though we libertarians have Penn Jilette, Drew Carey and others, who would disagree with Moore at least as much as the aforementioned righties), but I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy seeing Moore get slapped around in this film (coming October 3rd).

There have been other Moore rebuttals, of course, and even Moore parodies. But this one stands the best chance at success. It’s written and directed by the king of satire, David Zucker, who was behind Naked Gun, Airplane!, the Scary Movie franchise and others. Here’s the trailer: