“I’ve only been on this website about a day and a half but I bloody love it.”

This quote today from Joe, a reader who’s been dominating the comments sections over the past day or so. Welcome, Joe. Our traffic is twice what it was this time last year; thank pure, straightforward logic for that, which is missing in much of the blogosphere. The vast majority of readers don’t ever post comments, but if you’ve found this blog recently and you’d just like to introduce yourself, please use the comments section to do it; we’re actually very nice guys and won’t bite.

(By the way, the best way to ensure you never miss an article is to subscribe via RSS for free using the links on the left. For those who aren’t ‘up’ on RSS, I’m looking at the possibility of subscriptions by email, by which anything posted on John-Wright.Net will automatically show up in your inbox. Let me know if you’d find that useful.)