Today’s Guardian newspaper has an interesting interview with London pop princess Ms Dynamite. But of course no Guardian article is written uninfluenced by the snobby, leftist, middle-class, arty-farty liberalism which pervades its political position on a daily basis – and this one is no exception.

Ms Dynamite just HAPPENS to be the only good-looking anti-war protestor in living history, especially if you consider the studies which show that if you are anti-war, you are also statistically among the most likely to have a purple shirt, dreadlocks, and nipple rings. But from this interview, it appears that the pop music elite can join the ranks of irrationality too. The article starts by mentioning her nurturing of younger aspiring artists, so that we will LIKE her and appreciate her altruistic credentials. Clever, considering what is to come.

Ms Dynamite (an auspicious name for a pacifist!) refers to herself as a “save the world hippy”, and “little old Niomi with the big mouth” – both admirable qualities which I’m sure came in useful at the anti-war demo February last year. So let’s examine the arguments Ms Dynamite uses to make the case against going to war with Saddam Hussein, because the Guardian obviously finds them suitably impressive to warrant an entire interview.

1) Tony Blair is “not God”.


2) She isn’t “going to shut up for anyone”.

I gathered.

3) “Honestly, you know sometimes I just get a bee in my bonnet and don’t think about things.”

Ummm, not exactly adding to the legitimacy of her point…. – next?

4) “I just believe in love….”

What a coincidence – ME TOO!

5) “…and life….”


6) “…and helping people-“

Like Iraqis perhaps?

7) “He who preaches war is tarnished by the beast.”

So if a guy was walking toward Ms Dynamite with a gun shouting “I’m gonna kill you!”, she believes the ideal response would be to: just STAND THERE.

8) “God gave me a mouth…”

There MUST be something better than this, please.

9) ” *silence* “

That’s it?

So the entire article that was written, in the writer’s words, about “…the novelty of a pop star putting politics before marketing” and the “reverential audience” that this has spawned, has nothing substantial, logical or even newsworthy at its core – just another bunch of rhetoric from the camp of the Left. And why is there a supposed anomaly here, in a pop star promoting a leftist agenda? She joins just about every other prominent figure in the music business on this trendy train towards Lefty City. Unfortunately there aren’t many people on it who have much common sense.

I think the most telling admission from the author of this article is that Ms Dynamite “…doesn’t have the patience to read round a subject…” and that “she believes that too much thought interferes with action.” She isn’t alone, obviously. I might be impressed if she HAD read a damned thing about the subject. Had she mentioned the West supplying Saddam’s arsenal, had she talked about pre-emptive strike being unprecedented, the legality of the action in international law, or the role of the UN; I MAY have been somewhat impressed. I would have disagreed – but at least the arguments may have been a little coherent.

As it stands, Ms Dynamite is, like many of her anti-war buddies, another rhetorical Rambo, and her grasp of the issues surrounding the war in Iraq is a carbon copy of that demonstrated by the Guardianista Brigade itself, who look at her and feel proud of this pin-up addition to their ranks.

John Wright