Iron ManAnother week!

Minette Marrin is back on my radar this week with an article about waste, echoing my own thoughts On Waste but in a, er, superior way. While she starts practically speaking, “Flexible catering cannot be entirely frugal, nor can serious cooking,” she doesn’t disappoint: “The real truth is that I like waste. Bring it on.” Love it.

Richard Aregood articulates what many of us think living in America with a contempt of racism but a failure to understand the acrimony we see in black leaders like Rev. Jeremiah Wright: “Sunday morning in America is the most segregated part of the week.” That’s a very useful observation which helps stamp out part of the ignorant typecast.

Ian Williams says, “If the next US president really wants to apologise to the world for Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo and the rest, he should rejoin the ICC.” To the world? What happened at Abu Ghraib was disgusting for sure, but nobody speaking on behalf of the US owes any apology “to the world.” The language is revealing of the ideology of the speaker, nothing more.

And an LA Times editorial argues against allowing firearms to be carried by permit holders into the boundaries of National Parks. It argues this on the basis that no problem can be fixed by that change in the law. The editors appear to believe that lawmaking should be guided by the existence of possible problems which need fixed, rather than the existence of possible rights which need observed! Watch this space for a full response to the editorial later this week.

I almost forgot to mention: Iron Man is brilliant, and throws away the rulebook on how to make ‘superhero’ movies. Don’t miss it.

Have a great day!