I always liked Michelle Malkin, and often found myself impressed with the right-wing blogger’s ability to articulate many of the political values I share. But yesterday she showed herself to be less than capable of rational discussion with her rude attack on Doug Markwith, a nude photographer and e-business owner on whom Malkin turned the guns of her moralizing rebuke and derogatory attack. Watch Malkin destroy the reputation of the O’Reilly Factor here:

I’m not sure what exactly it was that got up Malkin’s ass, but she came across horribly. I admit to being more than a little curious about her reasons for considering Markwith a “loser”, other than good old fashioned female prudery, but something tells me she doesn’t have very compelling arguments to provide (thus she must resort to name-calling, interruption and impertinence). If this was her idea of intelligent political debate, I’ve lost all the admiration I used to have for her and I believe Markwith came across infinitely better. Not only that, I believe she owes him an apology.

Markwith wrote about the event on his site:

“Being a big fan of the show, I jumped at the opportunity to defend myself on O’Reilly’s generally excellent program. …. When Malkin opened the interview I was polite, curtious, and told her right off the bat that I was pleased to be on the show since I was a huge fan. She immediately made a sarcastic “sniff” remark and began berating me. She hardly let me get a word in edgewise, and for no reason at all, resorted to calling me a “loser.” Keep in mind that this woman does not know me, and has never talked to me before. The sole intent of the interview was for me to detail my business and discuss how it operates. Yet, Malkin felt the need to disparage me, my career, and my model and current love interest.

“Fair and balanced? I think not. Malkin intended on belittling me on national television, but her childish excuse for an interview backfired in her face as I refused to take it lying down and shot back at her. The result of her out-of-line remarks is a massive outpouring of support for both me and my business., I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find my e-mail full of amazing letters from people all around the country who are showing me their support. To all of you who have written me, I offer you a huge thanks and a debt of gratitude. Below are just a mere handful of the numerous e-mails I’ve received. Malkin’s immature behavior did not go unnoticed and thanks to fans speaking out, perhaps Fox News will do the right thing and do something about her actions.”

Markwith’s parting one-fingered salute said in a single gesture everything I’d say to Malkin if I had the chance. For the full version of his response and the many letters he’s received since, see here (warning: contains nudity and material that some readers may find offensive).

John Wright