Michael SchiavoMike Riggs points out that Michael Schiavo, the husband who made the decision to remove his wife’s feeding tube and thus end her life a few years ago, is now speaking out against Florida’s proposed amendment to ban gay marriage. As I recall, many conservatives at the time were demonizing Michael Schiavo for ending his wife’s artificial life support, and it seems he’s poised to oppose them again on the issue of same sex marriage.

In my widely-read article of the time, I argued against those who said the government was interfering in private affairs by giving the husband permission to remove the wife’s feeding tube, saying that the opposite was actually occurring: the government was refusing to infringe on his right to act for his wife in the situation. In this case, Schiavo is again on the side of those of us who think the government should not involve itself in private affairs: in this case the rights of same sex couples to marry. Is he a libertarian? I’m not sure, but he’s acting like it!

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