Burger KingThis is some of the most impressive marketing I’ve seen in a while. Burger King’s new ad campaign features a hidden-camera prank at one of their own stores where customers on a certain day were told that the Whopper had been discontinued. People were surprised and some upset by the change, since it’s a treat they clearly enjoy; the point to demonstrate how many people love the Whopper. This it does very well, and it trades on the axiom that it’s only clear how much something is loved until it’s gone.

The TV ad points viewers to WhopperFreakout.com, which contains an entertaining video of actual customers at the store. This is a recognition of viral marketing and Web 2.0, since this is exactly the kind of thing that people will share for entertainment to the ultimate benefit of Burger King. Genius. (Guess what I’m having for lunch tomorrow.) See the video by clicking here: