Dear Mr Tran,

Thank you for your article on Bush’s nomination of Michael Hayden for CIA Chief. It struck a chord. In your profile, it says that your interests include “US politics, environmental policy and corporate social responsibility”. Remarkable! I’d never have expected the Guardian to employ a journalist with a passion for these kinds of stories.

Equally magnificent was your adept choice of photograph, taken by photographer Ron Edmonds and picked up by the Associated Press. Was that chosen personally by you to accompany your article? If so, I commend you, sir! It captures exactly the problem we have in this country. Haydon is obviously the embodiment of Evil. I mean, look at him! People like THAT are being nominated by our so-called Commander-In-Chief! (More like Commander-In-Briefs, if you ask me.) And what is also made patently clear by this excellent photograph, Mr Tran, is the extent to which they are all in cahoots, the lot of them. I mean, there’s Bush, with his sinister little beady eyes, and then you look straight to his left and – hey presto – like magic, there’s Hayden. It makes me mad that they think they can get away with it. It’s so blatant, and yet so depressing. And to think of the poor blacks in New Orleans who had to suffer most.

After seeing your timely article with its accompanying image, I am truly concerned about the state of this nation. I am contemplating taking my fight to the streets with a large, unwashed rally in Washington to coincide with the anniversary of some right-wing event as yet to be determined. You have inspired me, Mr Tran. You’ll see. I’ll be there, leading the mindless chanting, exercising my right to a voice.

After all, that’s what this country is all about.

Yours sincerely,
John White