McDonald's!I’ve heard from a lot of people about ‘Super-Size Me!’ and, although the film is now a few years old, a lot can be learned about a person by observing how they respond to it. The film by Morgan Spurlock deals with issues of responsibility, of personal liberty, health, capitalism and more. I thought it was bullshit, and said so in this post back in February. I wanted to reproduce a response made today by reader ‘Julia‘ who said this:

“I’d say your post talks this socialist, anti-prosperity romp of a documentary right under the table. I saw the movie with my friends, and I found it so inane, insulting, scientifically flawed, and motivated by political bias that I didn’t even know where to begin to burst my friends’ bubble-headed “amens.” I must have sounded like a total idiot to them, and I am very glad to find my opinion very well articulated in your post. Perhaps I should pass it on to them. …

– Julia, a “heavy user” weighing 120 lbs at 5′5″. $100 says my BMI is lower than that of our own Sensible Spurlock. Wanna know how I stay thin? I simply don’t stress about my weight! I do what my body says, and refuse to give “experts” any power over my life!”

Beautifully said. And Julia; you could increase that bet tenfold, no sweat: Spurlock’s not going to beat your BMI. (By the way, doesn’t the food in that pic look good?)