I’m truly disgusted by all the faux ‘outrage’ over what Don Imus said on his syndicated morning show last week. He’s spent every day since then on a tour of apology, from visiting Al Sharpton’s show ‘Keeping It Real’ to appearing on the Today show this morning.

It’s nothing but a witch-hunt. Imus does a comedy show. It was a stupid remark for which he has rightly apologised, but the remark certainly doesn’t rate him as a racist. Sharpton is a sanctimonious imbecile and Imus made a mistake by going on his show in the first place, which, by the way, is one of the most racist shows I’ve ever heard. How many times does a guy have to apologise before the self-righteous morons put their guns away?

I think what Sharpton doesn’t realise is the final upshot (ie. the inevitable product) of his demand. He is demanding Imus be fired because we must take a stand against all racism on all “public airwaves.” But the definition of ‘racism’ he uses is a very broad brush. “Nappy-headed ho’s” was Imus’ way of describing how tough, grisly, severe, the women of Rutgers looked, in comparison to the competition. THAT was the humour. Seconds earlier he mentioned their tattoos. The humour was similar to saying, “I wouldn’t want to meet any of THEM up a dark alley.” But because he used the words “nappy-headed” to describe their appearance, he should be fired.

Now that’s very interesting, because there’s plenty of humour that relies upon caricature. “Looks like he slept in a cardboard box last night.” Is humour that may be construed as being at the expense of the homeless okay? Would it have caused as much ruckus? “She had a blonde moment.” Should the jock who said that be fired? “He’s just a damn redneck.” Is that a slur like the N-word, or just a term of endearment? Both terms are used by the very people who we’re supposed to ‘protect’ from them.

Do we want to live in a world where Patty Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman disappear forever and the airwaves are all as bland and dishonest as Sharpton’s show? Irish jokes aren’t bad. Should I be offended, outraged, and demand the firing of whichever jock allowed such a joke to be aired on their show? Why not? Or is it very simply just extremely easy to ‘offend’ people who think they could cause a stir over it?

Don Imus is a veteran of the radio industry. He’s been a staple of broadcasting for almost 40 years in America. Now, because Sharpton’s sharks and Jackson’s jaws are out for blood, because of a stupid comment for which he has already sincerely apologised, it should end?

These people need to grow up.

Now, I’m off to take a cold shower before I break something expensive in anger.

John Wright

UPDATE 4/12/2007: Imus has just been fired and will no longer have a show on either television or radio.