Central to Michael Moore’s ‘documentary’ Bowling For Columbine was his theory that Canada is so much safer than the United States because of its laws restricting gun ownership and requiring tighter control, and his implication that firearms should be therefore restricted in the same way in the United States.

That theory, along with almost every other ‘fact’ in Bowling, never managed to convince me, since statistics such as the ones I cite in previous articles on the topic would appear to strongly disagree. But perhaps the most pertinent, powerful and tragic rebuttal of Moore’s (and the Left’s) entire conjecture occurred in the form of today’s school shooting in Montreal.

“Reports said about 20 people were wounded in the attack on Dawson College in the city center. One woman died later in hospital and several other victims were listed in critical condition,” reports Reuters Canada. “‘He said nothing. He had a stone cold face, there was nothing on his face, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t yell out any slogans or anything. He just started opening fire. He was a cold blooded killer,’ said student Soher Marous.”

Reports indicate that the guy was white, about 19, and looked like “the stereotype, with the long black trenchcoat and all the studs and piercings and stuff like that.”

But how can this happen in a country which has strict laws concerning such guns? Surely shootings are only to be found in those nations which permit its citizens to own and carry firearms? Stricter gun controls equal immunity from this sort of thing, do they not?

Rosie O’Donnell made a television appearance after the Columbine tragedy during which she angrily asserted that allowing citizens to freely own and carry firearms resulted in the shooting. Yet the kids that committed the act broke eleven laws on the day they did it; O’Donnell’s claim that a few more laws are the answer is patently ridiculous. Blaming the tool rather than the perp is simply classic bullshit.

Britain’s anal retentive anti-gun law failed to prevent the devastating Dunblane school shooting in Scotland, or the huge gun crime problem all across the United Kingdom. When are the Left going to address the facts instead of their feelings on this issue?

Meantime, most appear to have escaped the Montreal incident today with their lives, with a couple of exceptions including the shooter himself who was taken down by a Canadian SWAT team.

“Cold-blooded killers” are usually unbalanced individuals whose problems are not gun ownership – their problems are derangement, insanity, severe narcissism or a momentous lack of moral judgment. Today’s shooting tragically proves that they will act with or without anti-gun laws.

John Wright