Alton Towers, a family fun and amusement park in Great Britain, recently had to cancel a “Muslim fun day” because there wasn’t enough interest in it. The event was organised by Islamic Leisure who had billed the event as the “First National Muslim Fun Day.,” expecting 28,ooo to sign up for the day of Islamic frolics. But it seems Muslims weren’t interested in the fun. And just what fun there was to be had! There was to be no music. Yay! Rock on! No alcohol or gambling, and whilst you were allowed on the rides men and women had to go on separately. Presumably the women’s roller coaster didn’t have to travel 10 feet behind the men’s, though. They obviously didn’t figure that girly screams (however muffled though veils & burkas) are part of the fun at any fairground. Any Muslims tired from enjoying themselves too much would have been able to retire to designated prayer areas from where they could enjoy the more sublime company of Allah.

These guys really know how to crank up that fun-o-meter, eh?

To top it all off they weren’t going to have non-Muslims attending. Party-poopers! How selfish to keep all that fun to themselves!

Unfortunately one non-Muslim couple had spent thousands to have their wedding there on the same day and Alton Towers realised they had double-booked. The couple were told that they could still attend, with 60 guests, but they had to follow all the Islamic rules for the day – including those related to dress, and the happy couple were even forbidden to ride a roller coaster together.

And it made me wonder…what is it about this type of religious person that they can’t abide by their own religious codes without having to force them on other people? The fun was always going to be limited at this fun day, but this additional religious cumpulsion isn’t funny at all.

Thank Allah it was cancelled.

Stephen Graham