An old friend of ours, William Crawley (right), has a blog here to which both Stephen and I contribute comments fairly frequently these days. I mention this because, as Libertarian Reason has been rather quiet and time hasn’t permitted Stephen or myself to blog as much as we’d like to, Will’s blog appears to be mushrooming into a very lively discussion forum (with the advantage of being plugged incessantly to all visitors of the BBC NI website!), and I think some of our regular readers here at Libertarian Reason may be interested in a visit.

Both Stephen and myself have known William for a long time. We met many years ago when Will was in his early twenties and I was in my teens. I remember much fun with religious controversy and the various nuances of conservative evangelicalism in action, even at a time in which I would have described myself as firmly evangelical. (Before you ask, I now use the word post-evangelical to describe my theological position.) At the time, Will was being educated and went on to attain a PhD at Princeton University in the 90’s – he has an aptitude for philosophy and a background in theology. Although Will had an interest in broadcasting and was a contributor to various programs at times, it was purely by accident that he stumbled upon a gig doing radio for the BBC in Northern Ireland, and he’s now a full-time journo at the Beeb.

It is rather odd that both William and myself have found ourselves in radio on opposite sides of the Atlantic these many years later, and that all three of us appear to be avid bloggers lately. Will’s blog is technically a ‘broadcasting diary’, however it is practically speaking an ideological marketplace due to the normal talking points he brings forward – they’ve tended to be based on some kind of religious current affairs due to Will’s part in Sunday Sequence, a loosely religion-based program – and the comments section that follows.

It is, therefore, appropriate that these worlds collide occasionally, and it is worthwhile recommending Will & Testament to our readers. I think there’ll be some guest blogging going on sporadically, for example, and I’ll post here my answer to Will’s challenge (which is to write, in 272 words or less – the length of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address – what I believe); lots of fun, and I’ll reveal the topic I’ll be dealing with – like it’s a surprise – CAPITALISM. Let’s see how that goes down!

John Wright