Dog in jailLet me be among the first to say that I’m sad about what the media and public will do to Dog the Bounty Hunter after the National Enquirer got hold of a recorded phone conversation he had with his son Tucker, in which he uses the word ‘nigger’ several times.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what the sentiments of the conversation were, only that he used a word which America regards as an offensive slur in itself, regardless of the context. Ironically, the context is very relevant in this case: Dog admitting to his son that when he uses the word ‘nigger’ about Tucker’s black girlfriend, it isn’t meant as a slur:

“It’s not because she’s black, it’s because we use the word ‘nigger’ sometimes around here. …. It’s not ’cause they’re black, none of that, it’s because we use the word ‘nigger’ – we don’t mean ‘You fucking scumbag nigger without a soul’ – we don’t mean that shit, but America would think we mean that.” [emphasis mine]

Unfortunately, he’s right, and even the context of this phrasing will mean nothing for politically correct America when they hear it on tonight’s news. I like Dog. I think he’s real, a good guy, and America could do with more of his calibre of character. This has not been the first challenge he’s faced, of course, though he’s hardly had time to think since the Mexican case against him ceased to be an issue, and now this.

Good luck, Dog – you’re going to need it.