This little episode made me giggle. It happened this week in Belfast:


A certain law firm in Belfast has its own little in-house cafe, which recently did a deal with Starbucks to stock its coffee.

A leading member of the law firm walked in and approached the counter.

LAWYER: Could I have a coffee please?

CAFE MANAGER: Yes, sure.

(Lawyer glances up and looks concerned)

LAWYER: Hang on, is it all Starbucks now?

CAFE MANAGER: Yes, exclusive deal and you get it much cheaper than normal.

LAWYER: Oh no, I can’t drink Starbucks coffee. I’m really against large corporations and I hate the whole globalisation thing.

(Lawyer goes off on a rant against big businesses)

CAFE MANAGER: Ummm, well that’s all we have.

LAWYER: Oh for God sake! Well, I’m not drinking it! Just give me a Coke.


Should I tell him?

Stephen Graham