Baby…is not the statement of someone who actually finds dead babies funny. After all, where’s the humor in that? It is instead the statement of someone who finds the shocked reactions of others funny. And therein lies the humor.

Or not.

‘Dead babies make me laugh’ was a Facebook group that caused massive outrage on the popular social networking site and was eventually banned by Facebook under protests by thousands of users. These thousands of moralizing busybodies weren’t content to simply ignore that which they found offensive or distasteful: they wanted to ban it, so that nobody could enjoy it.

Now, I realize I’ve lost some of you already. Who could actually enjoy such a patently offensive thing?

The answer is that it isn’t dead babies they’re enjoying. It is the ‘outrage’, the reaction, the shock and anger of others. And I have to confess, I find that highly entertaining too. The British tabloid The Sun published an article that reads:

Internet sickos who mocked DEAD BABIES [sic] were banned last night after protests from grieving mums. The vile forum on networking website Facebook was called Dead Babies Make Me Laugh. It had hundreds of members and listed dozens of twisted