Throughout the ages, leaders and organisations have formed creeds at pivotal times in history which set out what they believe. They are statements which derive from some kind of principal, which usually don’t attempt to make any justification for those beliefs, but which set out clearly their positions on the relevant issues of their day.

As we approach the end of 2005, rather than add a ‘Year In Review’ kind of post, I thought I would add my own creed in summary of my approach to the issues of 2005 dealt with in this blog. And I enjoy the shock value for readers as my unrationalised stand-alone statements are scrutinised. Please see 2005 archives January – December for more information, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, peaceful and prosperous Year Two-Thousand And Six.


I believe that the evidence proves a direct correlation between gun ownership and crime: as gun ownership increases, crime decreases.

I believe that the protection of equal and adequate physical self-defence is one of the foundations of a free, orderly society. A society may be orderly without such self-defence, but it will never be free.

I believe that the same principal allowing individuals to defend themselves from attack demands that our government defend our nation from attack also.


I believe that my SUV is no more capable of disrupting planet Earth’s natural climate than is my flatulence.

I believe that many of those calling themselves environmentalists have been brainwashed by activists who simply cannot believe that human progress is occurring without some kind of massive cost.

I believe that, by 2050, we will have several options at the fuel pump, including hydrogen and perhaps biodiesel, and that nuclear technology is one of our best options for future electricity supply.

I believe that anyone painting an ‘end-of-the-world’ scenario with regard to climate change should be institutionalised.


I believe that by removing the current powers of world’s governments and by making them responsible ONLY for protecting individual rights; we could eradicate poverty, equalise world living conditions, cure most diseases, end most wars and prevent a majority of crime.


I believe that abortion can be legally justified up until such a time that an unborn child can be considered an ‘individual’ by the state, perhaps before the beginning of brain activity in the average fetus.

I believe that abortions carried out after such a time that an unborn child can be considered an ‘individual’ by the state constitute murder, and should be prosecuted accordingly.

I believe that euthanasia is anyone’s right, anytime, anywhere.

I believe that the death penalty is justifiable in principal if a victim or victim’s family demand it; and in practice if we can absolutely guarantee the guilt of the individual involved.


I believe that television companies should be free to air whatever they like, and that it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are not exposed to material intended for adults.

I believe that burgers and fries can be part of a healthy diet.

I believe that George W Bush is good for America and even better for the rest of the world.

I believe that the majority of those who call themselves ‘liberal’ are anything but.

I believe that forcing the UK public to fund the BBC whether they want it or not is a bigger scandal than Abu Ghraib.

I believe that the war on drugs is immoral, counterproductive, unnecessary and grotesquely expensive for the American public.

I believe that what people do in the bedroom in the normal course of human sexuality is their business and no-one else’s.

And finally, I believe that morality is an individual, not a collective, affair.

John Wright