As the fires in California finally come under the control of exhausted firefighters and over half a million people begin to make their way back into their San Diego area homes, some Europeans seem to have developed a hate for Americans such that preempts any thoughts of support or empathy for other human beings in a crisis.

In an earlier post I quoted from Sasha Abramsky’s article on the fires in the Guardian. The comments from some European readers of that article were composed of insane, drivelling anti-American nonsense, something which is actually construed by other Europeans as intellectual critique. Thankfully, Abramsky noticed:

“Some – thankfully a minority – of the comments on my article about the catastrophic fires in California were so breathtakingly stupid that I feel compelled to reply. …. It is a trite form of dehumanization that has, somehow, acquired not only respectability but coolness among large numbers of Europeans. …. It implies a worldview at the centre of which is profound hatred. A better world cannot possibly emerge from such an ideology.”

I think he’s understating the matter. So allow me to elaborate. These feckless European morons are without equal in demonstrating their inability to string a cogent thought together without revealing their fundamentally racist prejudices and hypocritical idiocy. These cretinous, sectarian assholes have at the center of their thinking not only hatred but hypocritical bigotry. The same prejudice they sanctimoniously fault others with is a cancer in their every waking thought, from sunrise to sunset, and is misconstrued as intelligence by others of similar bent. The lamebrains have become so warped by their own asinine ideology that everything is filtered by anti-Americanism, and every piece of American news can only be seen through its garbled lens. Is there a cure for this corruption of the mind, this diseased thinking, this mangled conjecture, this contaminated reasoning? I’m not sure, and most Americans won’t really care.

Much to the disappointment of these self-righteous dullards, most Americans are not hanging on their every critique, seeking validation or hoping fervently that Europeans will like them. Americans are confident in themselves and their nation, and don’t give a fuck about the opinions of anti-American Europeans too ignorant to better themselves with real perspectives on the world.

Read the article; it’s balanced and calm, unlike this one.