SatelliteAre you sitting comfortably?

So the U.S. launches a spy satellite in 2006 incorporating some top-secret U.S. technology to be used in the international war on terror and national defense in general. But a technical issue with the satellite makes it almost immediately inoperable, uncontrollable, and on a slow path toward the earth’s atmosphere, where by March 2008 it will begin to fall towards the earth. Problem: that’s in two weeks’ time, plus humans live on the earth, and – to top it off – this satellite is carrying about 1000 pounds of rocket fuel. Still sitting comfortably?

Solution: Bush has now authorised the U.S. Navy to blow the blasted thing to pieces as it enters the atmosphere. They’re going to fire a missile from a boat and ensure that the satellite is destroyed before it reaches the earth. I’ll tell you this, if they don’t succeed, you’d better watch your head.

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