THIS is what we pay our governments to do. THIS is the reason we have government at all. And THIS was the government doing a terrific job in its primary role as protector of its citizens.

Just last night I was at the first day of Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, a remarkable movie about the events of 9/11, a patriotic film, a movie that begs us to neutralise the threat of international terrorism as best we can. I came home, went to bed and woke up several hours later to this morning’s news of the terror plot. I’m not going to rehash all of the emerging details of this story: that’s the job of the mainstream media. Suffice to say that all freedom-loving people need to appreciate the role of British intelligence and law enforcement agencies at this point; their vigilance has shown us that terrorism can be curtailed and that these bastards can be stopped.

UPDATE 10:12am:
Roger Hedgecock of KOGO in San Diego just came on the air and cited some sources which stressed the importance of the fact that there were no leaks to the press about this investigation before today. Any leaks would have alerted the perpetrators that the police were on their tail. As Roger said profoundly: “This is the first major defeat for the New York Times in the war on terror.


John Wright